English Course Curriculum

For our English courses we currently use the Cambridge Interchange (Fourth Edition) books as the basis of our tuition
which we believe is one of the best resources for teaching English.

As well as the units described below there are several progress and grammar
checks throughout the program.

Plan of  Intro Book:-

  • Unit 1 – It’s nice to meet you
    Alphabet; greetings and leave-takings; names and titles of address; numbers 0 – 10; phone numbers  and email addresses
  • Unit 2 – What’s this?
    Possessions; classroom objects; personal items and locations in a room
  • Unit 3 – Where are you from?
    Cities and countries; adjectives of personality and appearance; number 11 – 103 and ages
  • Unit 4 – Whose jeans are these?
    Clothing; colors; weather and seasons
  • Unit 5 – What are you doing?
    Clock time; times of the day; everyday activities
  • Unit 6 – My sister works downtown
    Transportation; family relationships; daily routines; days of the week
  • Unit 7 – Does it have a view?
    Houses and apartments; rooms; Furniture
  • Unit 8 – What do you do?
    Jobs and workplaces
  • Unit 9 – Do we need any eggs?
    Basic foods; breakfast foods; meals
  • Unit 10 – What sports do you play?
    Sports; abilities and talents
  • Unit 11 What sports do you play?
    Sports; abilities and talents
  • Unit 12 – What’s the matter?
    Parts of the body; health problems and advice; medications
  • Unit 13 – You can’t miss it.
    Stores and things you can buy there; tourist attractions
  • Unit 14 – Did you have fun?
    Weekends; chores and fun activities; vacations; summer activities
  • Unit 15 – Where did you grow up?
    Biographical information; years; school days
  • Unit 16 – Can she call you later?
    Locations; telephone calls; invitations: going out with friends

Plan of Book 1:-

  • Unit 1 – Please call me Beth.
    Introductions and greetings; names,
    countries and nationalities
  • Unit 2 – What do you do?
    Jobs, workplaces and school; daily
    schedules; clock time
  • Unit 3 – How much is it?
    Shopping and prices; clothing and
    personal items; colors and materials
  • Unit 4 – I really like hip-hop.
    Music, movies and TV programs;
    entertainers; invitations and excuses;
    dates and times
  • Unit 5 – I come from a big family.
    Families; typical families
  • Unit 6 – How often do you exercise?
    Sports, fitness activities and exercise;
  • Unit 7 – We had a great time!
    Free-time and weekend activities
  • Unit 8 – What’s your neighborhood like?
    Stores and places in a city;
    neighborhoods; houses and apartments
  • Unit 9 – What does she look like?
    Appearance and dress; clothing and
    clothing styles; people
  • Unit 10 – Have you ever ridden a camel?
    Past experiences; unusual activities
  • Unit 11 –  It’s a very exciting place!
    Cities; hometowns; countries
  • Unit 12 – It really works!
    Health problems; medication and
    remedies; products in a pharmacy
  • Unit 13 – May I take your order?
    Food and restaurants
  • Unit 14 – The biggest and the best!
    World geography and facts; countries
  • Unit 15 – I’m going to a soccer match.
    Invitations and excuses; leisure-time
    activities; telephone messages
  • Unit 16 – A change for the better!
    Life changes; plans and hopes for the

Plan of Book 2:-

  • Unit 1 – A time to remember
    People; childhood; memories
  • Unit 2 – Caught in the rush
    Transportation; transportation
    problems; city services
  • Unit 3 – Time for a change!
    Houses and apartments; lifestyle
    changes; wishes
  • Unit 4 – I’ve never heard of that!
    Food; recipes; cooking instructions;
    cooking methods
  • Unit 5 – Going places
    Travel; vacations; plans
  • Unit 6 – OK. No problem!
    Complaints; household chores;
    requests; excuses; apologies
  • Unit 7 – What’s this for?
    Technology; instructions
  • Unit 8 – Let’s celebrate!
    Holidays; festivals; customs;
  • Unit 9 – Times have changed!
    Life in the past, present and future;
    changes and contrasts; consequences
  • Unit 10 – I hate working on weekends.
    Abilities and skills; job preferences;
    personality traits; careers
  • Unit 11 – It’s really worth seeing!
    Landmarks and monuments; world
  • Unit 12 – What happened?
    Storytelling; unexpected recent past
  • Unit 13 – Good book, terrible movie!
    Entertainment; movies and books;
    reactions and opinions
  • Unit 14 – So that’s what it means!
    Nonverbal communication; gestures
    and meaning; signs; drawing
  • Unit 15 – What would you do?
    Money; hopes; predicaments;
  • Unit 16 – What’s your excuse?
    Requests; excuses; invitations

Plan of Book 3:-

  • Unit 1 – That’s what friends are for!
    Personality types and qualities;
    relationships; turn ons and turn offs
  • Unit 2 – Career moves
    Jobs; careers of the future; job skills;
    summer jobs
  • Unit 3 – Could you do me a favor?
    Favors; formal and informal requests;
  • Unit 4 – What a story!
    The media; news stories; exceptional
  • Unit 5 – Crossing cultures
    Cultural comparisons and culture shock;
    moving abroad; emotions; customs;
    tourism and travel abroad
  • Unit 6 – What’s wrong with it?
    Consumer complaints; everyday
    problems; electronics; repairs
  • Unit 7 – The world we live in
    The environment; world problems;
    current issues
  • Unit 8 – Lifelong learning
    Education; learner choices; strategies
    for learning; personal qualities
  • Unit 9 – Improvements
    Everyday services; recommendations;
  • Unit 10 – The past and the future
    Historic events and people; biography;
    the future
  • Unit 11 – Life’s little lessons
    Milestones and turning points;
    behavior and personality; regrets
  • Unit 12 – The right stuff
    Qualities for success; successful
    businesses; advertising
  • Unit 13 – That’s a possibility.
    Pet peeves; unexplained events;
    reactions; complicated situations
    and advice
  • Unit 14 – Behind the scenes
    How a movie is made; media
    professions; processes; the
    entertainment industry
  • Unit 15 – There should be a law!
    Recommendations; opinions; local
    concerns; controversial issues
  • Unit 16 – Challenges and accomplishments
    Challenges; accomplishments; goals;