Thai Culture Course 

The new Thai Culture Course by Mind  Your Language is inspired by the best selling book –

Culture Shock! Thailand by Robert George Cooper. 

It includes everything you’ll ever want and need to know about Thais and Thainess to survive in the Land of Smiles!
Don’t be a dumb Farang! Join our funny journey through the mysteries of Thai traditions, customs and rules.

  • Learn how to recognise a state of culture shock and see how  much it is affecting us.
  • Explore the charming geopgraphy and glorious history of Thailand
  • Widen your knowledge of the origins and development of Koh Samui and the sacred Thai symbols we encounter in everyday life on the island
  • We will move from lesson  to lesson discovering all the do’s and don’ts which still deeply structure and impact on the different aspects of Thai social life.
  • Our final goal is to better undersand how to tiptoe into this hierarchical, controversial yet fascinating social tissue to be both respectful and respected.

Example Course Plan:-

  • The whole course lasts for 30 hours, arranged into 15 x 2 hour lessons.
  • The classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 11am to 1pm.
  • Your expert tutors are the ‘not so dumb farang’ Chiara, ably supported by Kruu Ying and Kruu Bonus.
  • The classes are conducted with fun yet constructive dialogue from different points of view in which the students are actively involved.
  • All nationalities and ages are welcome whether you are a current student, Samui resident or a tourist.
  • The level of English used during the lessons is intermediate.

Course Fees:-

  • 600 baht per lesson (non-residents) or 8,000 Baht for 15 lessons
  • 500 baht per lesson (residents) or 7,000 Baht for 15 lessons
  • 300 baht per lesson or 4,500 baht for current students
  • Each lesson can be bought individually as they are all unique and independant of the previous one.
  • All materials are included.