About Us
Who are we and what do we do?

Since establishing our first branch in 2001, we have worked hard to create and maintain our friendly, relaxed but highly effective environment in which to learn a new language.  Over the past fifteen years we have taught over 2,700 students and continue to serve the growing number of foreigners who travel to or live on Koh Samui.  Our school is located in Bophut near Fisherman’s Village on the north of the island.

We offer our students a variety of courses aimed at all different levels of learning from our beginner course “Discover Thai”, through to our advanced level “Fluent Farang”. Thai Language courses can be arranged for tourists or long term residents. Private, one–to–one lessons can be scheduled if desired and we also offer reading and writing courses to fit the needs of our students.

Our experienced team at Mind Your Language is made up of friendly, bilingual native Thai teachers and office staff. Our director and head teacher, Jom, has nearly 20 years experience teaching Thai to foreigners.

The Mind Your Language basic teaching philosophy is to spend as much time as possible on speaking and listening to practical Thai conversation. We believe that learning should be both effective and fun so we try keep our groups to a maximum of 8 students to ensure that everyone benefits from a more personal teaching approach and the group progress together. We structure our programs based around the individual’s ability and needs, frequently reviewing & updating our course materials & methods for optimum learning capabilities.

Mind Your Language Objective

“To provide a friendly, comfortable & effective environment for students to acquire and confidently speak the Thai Language.”

Our Teaching Method

We follow a practical Phrasal Expression based method which enables our students to confidently practice what they have learnt each day in daily life outside the classroom. This method has been proven to dramatically speed up the learning process and
compared to traditional methods guarantees much faster results.

T.M.C. Learning methods

TTransformation method: Reversing sentence structure
MMuscle Memory method: Repetition leads to accuracy
CCombination method: Creating meaningful paragraphs

Free Introductory Lesson!
We offer a free trial lesson to anyone who is interested in coming to see our schools, meeting the staff and

experiencing our specialized programs.

We now also successfully teach English, German, Italian and Russian to many foreign and Thai students. We stand by the same philosophy as with the Thai tuition and all of our teachers are native speakers from the UK, Germany, Italy and Russia.

Why learn with us:  learning a new language with Mind Your Language will open many doors for you in the wider Thai community.

  • Experienced Teachers
  • Interactive Learning
  • Start Speaking Thai, English, German or Italian From Day 1
  • Set Learning Goal for Every Student
  • More Than 95% of Your Time Spent Speaking the New Language
  • Based Around Your Everyday Conversations
  • Can Provide Sponsored Visa for Extended Stay in Thailand
  • Majority of Our Students Are Recommended From Other Students
  • Understanding Thai Customs and Culture
  • Practical Phrases and Expression Methods
  • Prices Include All Materials
  • No Additional ED visa Administration Fees
  • Beginner to Advanced Courses (up to 1000 hours)
  • Fun and Very Friendly Environment
  • Small Class Sizes (max 8 students)
  • Short Basic Courses for Tourists
  • Private 1-on-1 Tuition Available

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